The Community Asset that is the

New Earswick Indoor Bowling Club

Is Under "Starters Orders" & ready for the
Games to Begin!

Hands – Face – Space!

Our Re-start Action Group has never seen the Wisdom in opening without first Practically Proof Testing all protocols guided by the need to ensure “Members Safety” and “Flow of Movement”; this
over twelve months ago we achieved, and now those same protocols will be brought back into play once again until we at the NEIBC are comfortable in initiating our own Relaxing of Restrictions!

Of course, our Support Teams will once again be in place to remind Members of our “One Way System”, “Safe Distancing” and “Clockwise End Rotation” etc, all this plus our practically developed Sanitising protocols for Mats, Jacks, Lifters and now “Scoreboards”!

So, what’s the real story here?

Monday May 17th, we open our doors once more, so be Ready!!!

Opening on May 17th, means we must carefully balance a number of factors, both practical and financial, as we will be opening in what is traditionally Indoor Bowling’s quietest period, add to this the long period of restrictions we have been living under and with Summer on it’s way, the pull of the Outdoors including North Yorkshires Dales, Moors and Coastlines cannot be ignored and must be factored in.

Therefore, and quite simply, we will start by opening for Three days a week with one of those days being at the weekend, further expanding this process in a controlled fashion based upon Members requirements and leading up to Full bore by September 1st latest, this whilst observing Government direction throughout!

 Upon taking up my roll as Chairman all those years ago, I reminded people that NEIBC was a members club, and the members have a right to know!  During the past year this has been a challenge, so I will be initiating an “Open Forum” ASAP as their is much to catch up on, so watch out for all the Updates in the meanwhile!


New Earswick IBC and Joseph Rowntree’s!

A popular topic I think we can all agree, however the one thing that this dreadful Pandemic has given me is time, time to establish the Facts!  
With these facts as my guide, and having established key personnel within the Joseph Rowntree Collective, for whom incidentally I have nothing but praise, I have been able to understand, and now share with you, why in the past we have struggled to be heard.


 The Reason we have Struggled to be Heard!

Simply put, it is because of the adverse effect the Managing Agent has been allowed to exert on both the wellbeing of NEIBC, the Community it serves and to the good name of Joseph Rowntree, which is why I am now also in communication with Mr Paul Kissack, the new CEO of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Until we are all able to get together at the club, I will use this platform to ensure Members are kept Up to Date with matters particularly as we near May 17th, and ask that you spread the Word!

Stay Safe!

 Onwards & Upwards! 


 We Remain a “Covid-19 FREE” Zone!
And when Able,
Please continue to  play your part making good use of the additional Hand Sanitisers in place and by following the guide lines, Floor Markers and Notices etc, all designed and positioned for your Safety!

New Earswick IBC continues to proceed in our forward thinking DISCIPLINED manner, this paving the way for even more opportunities that will be posted shortly on this our Official Website & Facebook Page as usual!

Onwards & Upwards!


Welcome to New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club

That which follows reminds us of what was and why we are fighting  so very hard for the benefit of ALL our members!!!

New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club, located close to York City Centre, boasts 8 International standard bowling rinks, 2 bars and our excellent Chalkers restaurant and function room. Open 7 days a week from 8.30am, with lots of free parking onsite and located on the No. 5 bus route, there really is no better place to enjoy the sport of Indoor Bowls.

New bowlers are always welcome and we cater for all ages and abilities with regular coaching evenings and free taster sessions for the beginner through to the experienced bowler. We have full wheelchair access and host regular bowling sessions and boccia for disabled groups and promote full inclusion in all our activities. Equipment is never a problem as we can provide both woods and shoes to get everyone started.

We have full league programmes all year round so whatever your motives for trying a new sport or activity, Indoor bowls provides regular exercise, competition or social fun and is a great way to meet new people in a warm and friendly club so what are you waiting for.

Whatever the weather, step inside New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club and see for yourself.