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Hi All and hope you are all well.

As you will all know by now, we are OPEN; but still the “Times they are a Changin’”.

As summer approaches New Earswick Indoor Bowling Club remains in a robust state of health; this linked to our deeply embedded forward thinking, strong and ongoing fiscal strategy which now has been further supported by recently secured grants. All this plus other successes and opportunities that our Covid-19 Action Group have identified and acted upon for the benefit of our club; this being an ongoing process.

New Earswick I.B.C. was, with safety in mind, the last indoor bowling club in our area to close and can confirm that none of our members have succumbed to this dreadful virus as a result of our decision making.

Building off our strong foundations and buoyed by the success of the above, I can now confirm our attention has swung to considerations regarding reopening and as such a Re-Opening Action Group has been formed to create the structures and refine the protocols required to enable a controlled sustainable restart. Simply put when the time comes “We will be ready”.

Our clubs Action Group is clearly doing their bit, please do yours by ensuring this message is known to other New Earswick I.B.C. members and by being ready to play your part once again when the time comes.

Further updates will be posted as things progress; this via our new website, Facebook page and WhatsApps links, additionally with a mail drop where necessary to keep everyone informed.
Stay Safe & Well during these challenging times and I so look forward to seeing everybody again very soon!



  1. Well done all of you and good luck to the Action Group. The wife’s getting a bit sick of me walking round the house, practising my delivery. She thinks I’ve lost the plot! Cheers and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  2. Is it possible to arrange for me to collect my bowls and shoes from my locker and those of my friend to enable us to play outdoor bowls, please?

  3. Does anyone know how I can make contact with the club? I am desperate to play outdoors and can’t do so until I can retrieve my gear. Tel: 01904 707592

  4. Spoke to Dave Crane this afternoon,sounds like you’re doing a great job getting the club ready for when bowling can be safely resumed.

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