Our Michelle

Michelle has been with New Earswick IBC since leaving school 25 years ago and there is going to be a big party at the club to say THANK YOU to Michelle when we get clearance in these trying times to hold one.

Michelle is ‘New Earswick Indoor Bowling Club’, Chairman come, and Chairman go, Committees come, and Committees go, but thankfully Michelle always remains.

Its difficult to put into words just how much we all owe to Michelle; so I will simply say this as the current Chairman. “Michelle, it is an absolute privilege to work with you and be your friend, we look forward to the NEXT 25 years at New Earswick IBC with you there; (even though you keep telling me off).”

I’m of course not the only one that wants to say something, so on behalf of ALL those in the Action Groups, Team Captains, Club Bowlers, Social Groups etc, etc, plus ALL our members you continue to help and new ones you always make welcome, (So that’s everyone who is lucky enough to belong in one way or another to New Earswick IBC then),

From us ALL



  1. Don’t build her up too much Bill, we’ll never hear the last of it.
    Lovely lass and the biggest asset the Club has. I’ll be there when it can be arranged. XXX

  2. Just had first visit to club following a few games outdoors. I’d heard the restart group had been working hard to get the club fit for use. They have done a brilliant job in making the club feel so safe. Also the one thing that never changes is the work done by Michelle, she does a brilliant job, and I look forward to buying her a drink at and when we have the 25 year party. Great effort by all concerned.

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